About Me

Hi there!

I was an art teacher for 12 years teaching elementary students, and needed a change. It’s a long story. But, I always get asked what’s my preferred medium to work in, and I love watercolors.

I love ceramics. Making sculptures fills my soul. Painting is fun. Block printing is crazy cool. I like making jewelry. Mosaics are awesome. Weaving is fun and a family tradition. Resin art is pretty. …and I’m just beginning to learn stained glass, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.

Art is my hobby. I kept trying to find a hobby not related to art, but that didn’t really work out. So now I rely on my husband to introduce me to new things, like the outdoors and food.

I’m Christian, a practicing Catholic. I was confirmed in my faith during my college years. That means I was baptized as a baby but didn’t fully enter into the church to receive the Eucharist until I was an adult. My faith means a lot to me.

I love knowing more about family traditions and faith traditions, and not just Christianity, but other faiths, too. I’ve visited many different churches, mosques, and temples, and they’re all beautiful. Not all are peaceful, mind you, I’ve walked into some that radiate peace and others just felt empty. It’s a jarring feeling. On an interesting note, even some hospital chapels I’ve visited were like stepping into a cloud of peace whereas others felt empty.  The memory just reminds to me to pray for peace for those entering a place of prayer.

Ultimately, I want to encourage those who want more faith enriched lives, like me. I feel like I was given good background information about faith, God, and the Church, but I’m still struggling in how to live it out. I know we learn by doing, and I do things with art, so that’s how it’s going to be for me.

Jennifer, owner of J Studios 

Jennifer Alejos

Watercolor painting of the Holy Family

“Holy Family”


Watercolor painting with Holy Spirit, Mary, and baby Jesus

“Holy Spirit with Mary and baby Jesus”