About Me

A little about me, my name is Jennifer Alejos. God introduced me to my husband in the sweetest way and we’ve been married almost 8 years now.

I’m Christian, a practicing Catholic. I was confirmed in my faith during my college years. That means I was baptized as a baby but didn’t fully enter into the church to receive the Eucharist until I was an adult. My faith means a lot to me.

I was an art teacher for 12 years teaching elementary students. I love watercolors. I’m teaching myself how to draw portraits at the moment.

After education, I earned a web development certificate and help with computer consulting at the moment.

However, after quarantine thinking time, I want to teach art again but together with my faith. I want to encourage families in their faith by creating art devotionals. These faith sharing times are inspired by my relationship with God. We grow as a society when we have families who are strong in the faith.

Professionally, I want to focus my web design on beginning art makers and DIY’ers with a simple webpage to get them started. I love supporting small educational and charitable non-profits, too. 

Jennifer, owner of J Studios 

Jennifer Alejos

Watercolor painting of the Holy Family

“Holy Family”


Watercolor painting with Holy Spirit, Mary, and baby Jesus

“Holy Spirit with Mary and baby Jesus”