Keep it simple

Web and Design for Small Businesses

Hi, I’m Jennifer Alejos. I’m a former art teacher turned graphic designer. I make websites for fun. I love helping my husband grow his ornamental steel business. My heart is for small family business and supporting their growth. 

If you have a small family businesses, if you’re an arts and crafts maker or DIY side-business go-getter, I’m here for you. One thing at a time will get you a visual presence that lets your dream shine.

I can walk you through the crazy web stuff, give you a listening ear, and share my tips that make the web a little less scary. 

I go at your pace, at the level you need, to support the growth you want for your business. 

Web and Design Studio Serving Small Businesses

Las Misiones Ornamental Design, web design work

Web Design

I like to keep things as simple as possible. I’m a web and design studio serving small businesses to have a quality professional online appearance. 

Graphic Design

For digital work, I mainly use Photoshop and Illustrator. 

I’m always experimenting. Right now I’m learning how to incorporate my watercolors and drawings into a digital style.

Social media header design

Social Media

For small businesses, it’s important to create a consistent look that helps people recognize your brand in each social platform you use.

I’ve tried many platforms, in my blog I’ll share tips on the ones I use.

Computer Consulting

General Computer Consulting

If you’re looking for a teacher or coaching to get you going, I can help you learn.

Maybe you’re stuck on something, we can figure it out together.

Software I’m familiar with:

  • Mac/Apple operating system
  • Apple products and applications 
  • Web browsers (i.e. Google Chrome, Safire, Firefox, Internet Explorer)
  • Google applications
  • Windows operating system (I’d have to see what you’re doing to help. The menus change so often.)
  • Social Media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Instagram)
  • General questions